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Impact of COVID-19

In light of the concerning COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to remind all Members to refer to the following MOH link regularly to stay up-to-date with its situation:

In addition, we have recently sought business statistics from our Members in the form of a COVID-19 questionnaire. Statistics collated from this questionnaire will supplement our discussions with various trade unions and organisations regarding financial assistance. Discussions are still underway and we will provide an update for all Members in the near future.

During this tough time, we also have hand sanitisers and oral thermometers for sale. Do not hesitate to contact us should you or your company require them.

Finally, for non-members, you are also most welcome to contact the VRA should you require any assistance during this unfortunate period.

Let us not forget to help fellow Members if they are in need; we will emerge from this challenge even more united and strong.

Stay safe!


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